All Laser Custom LASIK

LASIK technology has made amazing strides since its FDA approval in the late 1990’s. It is well known that Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center uses the most advanced eye surgery technology available as long as it meets the standards of our eye surgeons. William Wiley MD and Shamik Bafna, MD are board certified ophthalmologists, who are often involved with the technological advancements and play a role at national meetings on the topic of eye surgery technology.

Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center offers both Custom LASIK and Bladeless LASIK in a procedure we can truly call ALL-LASER LASIK. WE are happy to be able to bring our patients a blend of excellent technology and the experienced hands of our eye doctors. Learn more about custom LASIK, wavefront technology and bladeless femtosecond LASIK.

Custom LASIK (Wavefront Technology)

Wavefront mapping is the technology that makes custom LASIK even possible by precisely measuring and diagramming the imperfections of the eyes’ optical system. These imperfections are divided into lower-order aberrations, such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, and higher-order aberrations that affect night vision. Wavefront-guided technology is used in CustomVue LASIK to correct refractive errors and to improve night vision.

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Wavefront technology uses an extremely precise laser to measure all the imperfections in your visual path that are unique to your eye(s) only. It takes a “fingerprint” of your eye and the surgeon then analyzes the data collected to create a 3-D image of your eye. After analyzing and adjusting the data, the surgeon then electronically transmits that image to the laser used in a Wavefront system. The computer then matches your eye’s actual position in space and allows our Cleveland LASIK surgeons to make much finer-tuned adjustments to better correct your specific visual irregularities.

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Femtosecond LASIK (Bladeless LASIK)

What Happens During All LASER Custom LASIK eye surgery?

On the day of the procedure, anesthetic drops will be placed in your eyes and a flap will be created on your cornea. Your individualized treatment information is transferred from the WaveScan to the laser in order to drive the CustomVue procedure. The actual laser procedure typically takes several seconds. Most individuals feel no pain during the procedure.

Benefits of CustomVue™ wavefront-guided treatment over conventional LASIK eye surgery include:

  • More predictable outcomes
  • 98% 20/20 or better vision
  • 70% 20/16 or better vision
  • 27% 20/12.5 or better vision
  • Better night vision
  • Four times as many people are very happy with night vision
  • Improved vision after laser eye surgery
  • 70% see as well or better than with eyeglasses
  • 58% gained up to a line of vision
  • 8% gained more than one line of vision
  • Better safety profile
  • No loss of vision in FDA trials

CustomVue™ wavefront-guided laser eye surgery can also be used for those who previously had conventional laser vision correction and would like to further improve the sharpness and quality of their vision.

After CustomVue, you will notice results immediately, and your vision will continue to improve over the next few days. Typically, you will be scheduled for a follow-up visit the next day, again in about a week, and again around a month after the initial procedure.

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