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Break free from glasses and contact lenses with a procedure that’s already been performed successfully over 1 million times. EVO ICL surgery was created for people who want to experience every detail of life, clearly.

EVO ICL eye surgery is a great option for patients who are looking for a procedure that can handle higher prescriptions than LASIK/SMILE/PRK and unlike laser eye surgery, this is an additive procedure that can be removed. Want to learn more? Schedule a free consultation or download our free guide below.

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What Is EVO ICL Surgery?

EVO ICL ImplantImplantable Collamer® Lens, the EVO ICL is a refractive implant that corrects common vision problems such as nearsightedness (myopia) and astigmatism. The implant is made of biocompatible Collamer material that works in harmony with your eye. This implant is a posterior chamber implant that is introduced through a small incision in the eye and is placed behind the iris (the colored part of the eye), and in front of the natural crystalline lens in order to improve your nearsightedness and astigmatism.

What separates this procedure from other corrective options is that the EVO ICL does not require the removal of any corneal tissue. EVO ICL is an additive technology designed to help you be less reliant on glasses or contacts. Another key difference is that, unlike other corrective procedures, the EVO ICL can be removed by your doctor, safely.

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Benefits of EVO ICL Surgery

  • Significant vision improvement
  • Quick procedure
  • Fast recovery time
  • Can be removed by a surgeon
  • Offers UV protection
  • Undetectable once in place
  • Can correct nearsightedness and astigmatism
  • Provides excellent night vision
  • Serves as an alternative for patients who cannot have LASIK or other vision correction procedures due to thin corneas
  • Does not cause dry eye syndrome, a potential side effect of other vision correction procedures

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The EVO ICL Procedure

Like most corrective procedures, the first step is scheduling an appointment to find out if it’s the right solution for you. After confirming you’re a candidate for EVO ICL, your doctor will begin creating a small opening in the cornea that’ll be used to position the EVO ICL. For most patients, the procedure itself is virtually painless with numbing drops and it takes about 20-30 minutes to complete, not including pre-op or post-op recovery.

Most patients’ experience is virtually painless due to numbing anesthesia. Typically patients who’ve had EVO ICL notice visual improvement almost immediately and enjoy a quick recovery. However, you’ll need to arrange transportation following your procedure as you’ll be unable to drive.


What Happens After the Procedure?

Generally, most patients will need to use some type of prescription eye drop after surgery. Your doctor will want to see you for checkups to make sure you are healing well. Generally, doctors like to see EVO ICL patients one day, one week, one month, and three months after surgery.

Are There Any Risks?

Every surgery comes with some risk. Some risks associated with ICL implants include infection, retinal detachment, intraocular pressure problems, cataracts, loss of corneal endothelial cells, and eye inflammation. Talk with your eye doctor to go over any of these potential risks or complications that may arise from an ICL implant.

We understand your concerns—that’s why our doctors thoroughly evaluate every patient’s eyes before any surgery. Don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation to learn more.

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Can I Get ICLs in Both Eyes at the Same Time?

Yes, both eyes can receive the EVO ICL implant during the same surgical visit. During your consultation, your doctor will go into more detail and review options with you. If you cannot have both eyes done for any reason we’ll work with you to schedule separate appointments for each eye.

Who Is a Candidate for EVO ICL Surgery?

Ideal candidates for EVO ICL typically fall in the range of 18 years old to people in their early-40s with nearsightedness or astigmatsim and have maintained a stable prescription for at least one year. Those older than 40 may want to consider another corrective procedure, but that decision can be made between you and your eye doctor.

If you fall in that age range and have common eye conditions such as nearsightedness with or without astigmatism and have maintained a stable prescription for at least one year, this might be right for you. But if you want to eliminate or reduce your need for glasses or contacts—EVO ICL may be your solution too. The best way to find out is to schedule a consultation with our highly trained doctors

How Much Does EVO ICL Cost?

The cost of a EVO ICL procedure can vary depending on your personalized treatment plan. Most surgeons charge between $4000 and $5000 per eye for the EVO ICL. Many EVO ICL patients look forward to spending less in the long run with the implant compared to the continued costs of contacts and glasses. The EVO ICL is an elective procedure that is paid out of pocket. Clear Choice offers a variety of payment plans to make the EVO ICL cost affordable.—schedule your consultation today.

How EVO ICL Has Changed Lives

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