Near & Reading Vision Correction in Cleveland

We offer a wide variety of reading vision or near vision options at Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center. As Cleveland refractive surgery experts we offer much more than LASIK. Although LASIK eye surgery is an excellent procedure with tremendous benefits it might not be for everyone. This is why we offer vision correction alternatives. Please take a look at some of the other options available at our eye care practice.

Types of Laser Eye Surgery For Reading & Presbyopia in Cleveland, OH

Refractive Lens Exchange

Refractive Lens Exchange is commonly referred to as clear lens extraction or presbyopic lens correcting intraocular surgery. RLE is an emerging type of refractive surgery very similar to cataract surgery. Like many other types of refractive surgery, including LASIK eye surgery, Refractive Lens Exchange corrects nearsightedness and farsightedness. The desired refractive result is achieved with the insertion of a lens implant known as an IOL. Refractive Lens Exchange is a great option when vision problems extend beyond the limits of lasers. For example, if a patient is too nearsighted but also has a reading issue one of these new multifocal lenses may be a good option.


Monovision is another option for you to correct your vision and achieve clearer near vision. The procedure sets one eye for distance vision and one for near/reading vision, allowing the patient to see at both ranges. Most people who use a monovision strategy for vision experience freedom from prescription glasses for most or all of their daytime activities. Many of them, however, will feel more comfortable with nighttime driving glasses. Monovision allows the patient to regain their reading vision, but the result is typically limited in time. Monovision cannot halt the progression of presbyopia, and most patients will lose some degree of depth perception due to the loss of stereoscopic vision. A monovision strategy can also be accomplished by using contact lenses, intraocular lenses, and eye surgery.


Laser Eye Surgery Benefits For Reading

  • Quick and convenient
  • Long-lasting results
  • Effective in improving vision
  • Reduce dependency on glasses for reading

Which Option is Right For You

First we offer a free screening. This screening will determine if a patient has thick enough corneas and a prescription that is within the limits of what laser eye surgery can correct.

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Cost Factors

The cost of eye correction treatment varies. If you would like to see what laser eye surgery would cost you, visit our pricing page and request your custom price!

Are There Risks?

Some potential complications include conditions such as dryness, night glare, under or over-correction, and loss of best-corrected vision. The risks of surgery should be discussed fully with the doctor prior to the procedure. Additionally, proper post-operative care helps to identify and address any potential healing complications.

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