Existing Patient Follow-up

If you had LASIK with ClearChoice in the past, and you think you might need a LASIK enhancement, here is some information that you’ll need about how to proceed:

  • The ClearChoice clinical team will need to see you for an exam at the ClearChoice Brecksville location.
  • The LASIK exam takes about 1.5 hours. During the exam, your eyes will be dilated. You will be light sensitive for at least 3-4 hours,and small print will be fuzzy.
  • The effects of dilation can last up to 3 days.
  • ClearChoice charges $99 for this type of exam. ClearChoice will not bill your insurance for the exam.
  • Exams are available Monday and Thursdays between noon and seven, and Fridays between eight and two.
  • Although some of our patients have free LASIK touch up procedures for life, you might be wondering how much a LASIK touch up procedure will cost you. At the time of your original LASIK, you signed a document that specified how much future procedures would cost. That document is stored in your original chart. ClearChoice stores older charts at a professional document archive. It typically takes at least a week to access stored charts.

Please fill out this form in order to be contacted by a member of the staff to schedule. We are typically scheduling appointments no sooner than 3 weeks out.

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