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How Much Does LASIK Cost in Ohio?

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The price of LASIK varies nationwide. It is usually between $3000-$6000 for both eyes. The best way for you to find out what your Clear Choice LASIK cost would be to come in for a free consultation. A free LASIK consultation will allow our doctors and staff to evaluate your needs, and to determine what technology will be best in correcting your vision.

Insurance Discounts

We honor most insurance discounts such as:

Qualsight VSP
Aetna Cigna
EyeMed Anthem

The Way We Do LASIK:

Not all laser eye surgeries are the same. The techniques and technology can vary. At ClearChoice, we perform the most up-to-date LASIK procedures available and provide a variety of procedures to meet the needs of our patients. Every LASIK procedure we perform is all laser–blade–free!

The specific types of laser vision correction that we offer are:

SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction): This is a minimally invasive procedure where the corneal lenticule is removed via a small keyhole incision. Removing the lenticule changes the shape of the cornea, thereby achieving vision correction. SMILE has been approved to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The ClearChoice surgeons were the first in the state to perform SMILE®.

LASIK (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis): Excellent results are achieved with this procedure and visual recovery is quick. The eye is anesthetized with special drops and laser pulses are used to create a flap on the surface of the cornea. The flap is folded back, exposing the inner corneal tissue and the laser removes a minor amount of corneal tissue to correct your vision. After, the flap is returned to its original position by the doctor.

PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy): This procedure is a surface ablation surgery that removes the epithelial layer of the cornea and then uses an excimer laser to sculpt the corneal tissue to correct your vision. PRK treatment generally takes longer to recover from and can have more discomfort than other vision correction procedures. PRK is often recommended for patients with a thinner cornea, or a high risk of dryness. Although the healing takes longer for the procedure, the results are equivalent to LASIK.

As of 2019 at ClearChoice, LASIK, SMILE & PRK are all priced the same.

We have four different Lasers at ClearChoice. Most other LASIK centers are not equipped with as much technology as we have. Based on the results of your eye exam you receive while you visit our center, and the type of lifestyle you live our doctors will be able to determine which of these procedures is the right fit for your eyes. We offer these different options so we can correct your vision to its fullest potential.

Trusted Experience & Innovative Track Record:

LightbulbWe offer a wide range of treatment options. ClearChoice has four different lasers to provide you with the right technology for your eyes. ClearChoice doctors were the first in the area to offer all-laser LASIK and laser-assisted cataract surgery to their patients. We have performed LASIK for the past 20 years and our doctors have treated over 75,000 eyes. They have been featured in Cleveland Magazine’s “Top Doctor” editions for 5 consecutive years and been on the Top Doctors lists, like Castle Connolly – which bases its process on peer nominations. When it comes to trusted experience, we’re hard to beat.

Payments that we accept:

• H.S.A. • Visa • Cash
• F.S.A. • MasterCard • Check
• Alphaeon Credit • American Express
• Care Credit • Discover

Lower your Laser Eye Surgery Costs

Arrow Pointing Down with a Dollar Sign in the MiddleWith H.S.A. and F.S.A. you can save on LASIK! All the money you use from one of those accounts is tax-free. By using that tax-free money, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars on your procedure. The current limit you can put in a HAS account per year is $3,450 if you’re a single or $6,900 for a household. In an FSA, you can put up to $2,650 in your account per year or $5,300 for a household.

Need Financing for LASIK?

Blue Piggy Bank with a Coin and Dollar sign going into the topIf you’re interested in LASIK financing through our preferred credit option, Alphaeon Credit, you can apply online here. An application only takes about two minutes. Here is what your monthly lasik payment plan breakdown would look like through Alphaeon Credit:

Interest-Free Financing

If you’re looking to finance your procedure, we recommend using Alphaeon credit! You can apply online immediately.
Apply For Financing

LASIK Monthly Cost Breakdown

Monthly Cost Breakdown If Paid In Full Within 6, 12, 18, or 24 Months. Alphaeon Terms & Conditions

6-months 12-months 18-months 24-months
$2,000 $334
$3,000 $500
$4,000 $667
$5,000 $834

Equal Pay Financing

Monthly Cost Breakdown If Paid In Full Within 24, 36, 48, or 60 Months at 14.99% APR. Alphaeon Terms & Conditions

24-months 36-months 48-months 60-months
$2,000 $99
$3,000 $148
$4,000 $198
$5,000 $247

Budget Pay Financing

Monthly Cost Breakdown If Paid In Full With Monthly Payments f $99, $149, $199, or $299 at 14.90% APR. Alphaeon Terms & Conditions

$99 Month $149 Month $199 Month $299 Month
$2,000 24
$3,000 39
$4,000 57
$5,000 44

Flexible Financing with CareCredit

The CareCredit health, wellness, and personal care credit card gives you a convenient, flexible way to pay for care for the whole family—including pets! With everyday promotional financing for purchases of $200 or more, you can pay over time with convenient monthly payments. *
See if you prequalify with no impact to your credit score.

Apply Today

Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. See carecredit.com for details.

Get the Care You Want, When You Need It*

Help pay for your family’s vision care with the CareCredit healthcare card. Use your credit card to pay for:

  • Glasses and sunglasses
  • Contact lenses
  • And more

CareCredit is the healthcare credit card designed exclusively for healthcare services with special financing options.*

Whether it’s a routine checkup or a LASIK procedure, you shouldn’t have to worry about how to get the best eye care.
CareCredit can also be used for dental work, cosmetic treatments, trips to the veterinarian and in other healthcare specialties at enrolled providers. You can even use it for co-payments and deductibles.*

With CareCredit you can choose to reserve your cash and free up your general-purpose credit cards for other expenses. Once you have CareCredit, you can use it as often as you want, without reapplying, as long as you have available credit. CareCredit is accepted at more than 200,000 providers nationwide.

Learn more by visiting www.carecredit.com or contacting our office.

Apply Today

*Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. Visit www.carecredit.com for details.

Care credit card

Lasik financing


Qualsight Logo ClearChoice is the only bladeless Qualsight LASIK provider in the Northeast Ohio area! If you’re a Qualsight member, let us know. You may qualify for additional discounts.

Special Customer Pricing for LASIK:

Military Rank Symbol

Military & Emergency First Responders*

If you are a veteran, an active member of the military, or an emergency first responder, then we want to let you know that we genuinely appreciate your service to our country and communities! As a sign of our appreciation, we are happy to offer special pricing to those who dedicate themselves to our safety.

*We define “Military & Emergency First Responders” as anyone who is, or was, a member of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, National Guard, Coast Guard, Police or Firefighter. Identification is required to receive this discount.

Alphaeon Terms & Conditions

[1] Interest will be charged to your account at a variable APR of 28.99% from the purchase date if the purchase amount is not paid in full within the promotional period or if you make a late payment. To avoid late fees, you must make your Total Minimum Monthly Payments by the due date each month. The Minimum Monthly Payments may or may not be enough to pay off the purchase amount before the end of the promotional period. To make sure you are not charged the interest accrued at variable APR of 28.99%, you must pay the total promotional purchase amount within the promotional period. Required minimum purchase of $250 for the 6-month plan and $500 for the 12, 18, and 24-month plan.

[2] If the balance is not paid in full within the promotional period or if you fail to make any payment when due, regular credit terms will apply and interest will be imposed from the end of the promotional period at the standard, variable APR of 28.99% based on the Prime Rate. Minimum monthly payments for this plan during the promotional period will be the greater of the amount of the purchase, including the calculated finance charges that will be assessed from the date of purchase through the end of the promotional period, divided by the number of months in the promotional period, (rounded up to the nearest $1.00); or $5.00. If you pay the required equal payment for this promotional plan, you should pay off the plan within the promotional period at the APR of 14.99%.

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