What Does LASIK Eye Surgery Cost?

When it comes to laser eye surgery, most people tend to see the cost as one of the most important factors to consider before deciding to schedule. The cost of LASIK can be confusing to some, especially after hearing advertisements for a price of only a couple hundred dollars per eye, whereas others advertise $2000 per eye. So, it’s time to discuss the cost of LASIK and clear up any uncertainties regarding pricing for those considering the procedure.

National Average Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery

Nationwide, the average cost of LASIK is between $1,500-$3,000 per eye. This wide price range for LASIK surgery is usually based on several factors, but the three main ones are:

  1. Technology: A surgery center that has access to newer technology, as well as a wider range of technology, will usually increase their laser eye surgery price because the technology they offer may be more advanced.
  2. Experience: The skill and expertise of the surgeons performing the procedures tend to impact the cost of LASIK because their experience is valuable.
  3. Prescription: Some centers charge a higher price to patients who have a higher prescription, and a lower price for patients with a lower prescription.

LASIK Discounts & Pricing Techniques

You might have heard LASIK advertisements for $250, but this is a technique designed to get you in for a LASIK consultation. This promotional price is usually reserved for patients that have a prescription so low they might not even need glasses or contacts. The actual LASIK surgery price patients pay is more than $1600 per eye.

Another pricing technique that you might see advertised is LASIK as a base package with the “add-ons” withheld. This could be the price for less experienced surgeons, less advanced (or undesired) technology, less post-operative eye exams, withholding vision touch-up packages (think warranties), and more. It is recommended to read all the fine print and ask all the necessary questions to figure out everything you’ll actually be getting with your LASIK package before you make any purchasing decisions.

Yes, discount prices can be alluring at first, but most patients discover that LASIK surgery ends up costing much more once they have you in their door. Make sure to find out if the lower price is for older style bladed LASIK, or if it includes your post-operative eye exams, charges for touch-ups or enhancements, or any additional charges for financing. Only a minority of people with low prescriptions will end up qualifying for the low price of only a couple hundred dollars per eye.

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To find out more details and to get your personalized LASIK cost, come visit us for a free LASIK consultation! In your consultation, you’ll learn everything you need to know about LASIK including pricing.

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