Summer Therapy Dogs at ClearChoice

Doctor Wiley with Therapy DogThis summer at ClearChoice, we have lots of exciting stuff going on. Of course, therapy dogs had to make a come-back after the success we had with them last year! On surgery days, volunteers from Anything’s Possible Dog Training will arrive with their furry friends on the patio for our patients and guests to visit with.

Put aside the adorableness, therapy dogs have countless benefits, especially when it comes to involvement of medical procedures. The main benefits include an increase in oxytocin and dopamine, the chemicals responsible for bonding and happiness, while lowering levels of cortisol which is responsible for stress[1].

During a medical procedure, studies indicate people may have less anxiety if a pet is present and can reduce blood pressure to help the patient relax in a more comfortable setting. A dog’s sense of touch can automatically send a positive receptor, such as a warm sensation between the human and animal. This is a rewarding way to calm the patient who may suffer from anxiety.

Whether you have anxiety or just some nerves about your upcoming experience, overall, the therapy dogs create a positive environment along with some entertainment for the patients while they wait. We know any type of surgery can create anxiousness, so we want to alleviate some of that this summer with the opportunity to spend quality time with furry friends on our patio.

Physical Benefits of Therapy Pets:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Releases calming endorphins
  • Lowers overall physical pain

The Psychological Benefits of Therapy Pets:

  • Lifts spirits and lessens depression
  • Lowers feelings of isolation and alienation
  • Encourages communication
  • Provides comfort
  • Increases socialization
  • Lessens boredom
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Helps with speech and emotional disorders
  • Creates motivation for physical training
  • Reduces overall loneliness

If you love dogs and want to visit with them at ClearChoice this summer, schedule a free consultation today!

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[1]The Benefits of Therapy Animals, http://www.redbarninc.com/blog/benefits-therapy-animals/ 

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