The Top 5 Reasons Why Moms Love LASIK

The top 5 reasons why Moms love LASIK

LASIK eye surgery is an exciting option for freeing yourself from the worry and tedium often associated with glasses and contacts. There’s no doubt LASIK is a popular solution for helping correct vision in a wide range of people but when it comes to Moms we can’t help but think they often reap the most rewards after LASIK. The minimal recovery period is especially appealing.

In a poll asking why someone would consider LASIK, the most common response was from Moms who wanted to see their children better while swimming. While everyone’s visual needs are different, BELOW ARE JUST A FEW OF THE MANY REASONS WHY MOMS LOVE LASIK.

1. There is Little Downtime After Surgery

Recovery is brief and patients often return to their regular activities the very next day. At ClearChoice LASIK Eye you can schedule your procedure for Friday and be at your children’s soccer games and lessons on Saturday.

2. LASIK is Affordable

The good news is you can use FSA and HSA accounts to help defer the cost of LASIK so you’re using pre-tax dollars. Plus, ClearChoice LASIK Eye offers payment programs so you can make monthly payments that work within your budget. Believe it or not, financing is often less than what many households spend on coffee monthly.

3. LASIK is Quick, Easy and Nearly Hassle Free

Vision after LASIK is often as good or better than it was with glasses and contacts and you don’t find yourself worrying about whether to wear contacts or glasses each day. Unlike with glasses and contacts, you find yourself making decisions to easily wear sunglasses out to parks and on playdates with your children. Sleepiness nights and middle of the night waking’s are inevitable and a regular occurrence when you’re a mom. With LASIK, you don’t find yourself searching for your glasses in the middle of the night when your child needs you.

4. Multiple Laser Eye Procedures To Choose From

There’s more than just LASIK. ClearChoice LASIK offers nearly a dozen different laser eye procedures. The breadth for vision correction runs wide but there’s newer options for people with visual needs beyond mild impairment. Gone are the days when you would hear “you aren’t a candidate.”

5. LASIK is On Par With Going To The Spa

It’s a full-service experience at ClearChoice. Visit our Starbucks coffee machine, nosh on freshly baked cookies, relax in our state of the art massage

The list goes on! Most patients report they are highly satisfied and rave about their LASIK results, (read some of the rave reviews). Contact ClearChoice LASIK Eye for a consultation to see what’s right for you.

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