LASIK – Synonymous with Speed

When talking about LASIK, most people think about being able to see better and how great it would be to be less dependent on glasses or contacts. One thing that many people don’t know though is that LASIK is also awesome because its fast – real fast. So, just how fast is LASIK at ClearChoice?


Surgery is Over Before You Know It!

Total Surgery time is about 7 minutes per eye. That’s it. Crazy right? And the majority of that 7 minutes isn’t spent under the lasers. A good amount of that time is just getting things properly situated and set up. The actual laser time is usually less than 40-seconds per eye, per laser. Again, crazy right? However, even though the process is quick, know that our doctors and staff are highly-trained, experienced and will take all the time that they need in order to make sure that you have the best experience that we can offer.


Hate to Wait? Doesn’t Everybody!?

When people make the decision that they want something, most people want it immediately, and with laser eye surgery we have seen that as well. At ClearChoice we understand how excited people can be about the idea of clear vision, so we try to make things as convenient as possible. Our surgery schedule is set so that many people could have their procedure completed in as little as a week if they want.

  • Have a consultation on Monday
  • Surgery on Friday or Saturday
  • Seeing better by Sunday

Our Lobby Is Quick & Poppin’

Typically, waiting around in a doctor’s office lobby is no fun and we understand that. That’s why at ClearChoice, we’re dedicated to providing you with prompt appointments. While our lobby is comfortable and many people enjoy the atmosphere we provide, you won’t be sitting around for too long. And this isn’t just us saying we’re quick, see what our patients commented about it on our google reviews! :

  • Dan – “What a well run operation they have here. Great people, there was little to no wait time”
  • Derek – “These guys can get you in very quickly, and there’s never a wait in the lobby.”
  • Je – “They function so well as a team it is like being part of a well oiled machine. They run you through the processes without much waiting. Highly recommend!

During that little bit of time that you are waiting though, you can treat yourself to our cookies, Starbucks coffee, and more! So you’ll feel comfortable and enjoy yourself the whole time.

Recovery Time is Quick

In addition to the surgery being a quick process, the recovery is very fast too! Fortunately, most people are back to their normal activities like driving and working by the next day. There are certain physical activities that are restricted for a short period after LASIK, like sky diving, scuba diving, and swimming. After your procedure, you’ll be set up with an eye drop regimen which usually only lasts a week.

Easy SnapScheduling is Quick & Easy

You can schedule online right now; it takes fewer than two minutes! We’ve developed our online scheduler so you can see all of our open times and dates available online right now. No need to call in and go back and forth on dates and times, you can see every opening right now and plug it into your schedule immediately! If you’re the type of person who prefers to call, then we’re here for you. We even offer late call hours for you as well at (440) 740-0400.

We’ll Still Take Our Time Where It’s Needed

Being fast is great, but we want you to know that we value you. We care deeply about our patients and we want to make sure to take our time on the places where it’s important. We want you to feel confident about your decision in laser vision correction at ClearChoice, so our highly-trained staff will make sure to take their time to explain everything as thoroughly as possible, answer all of your questions and make sure you feel comfortable throughout the whole experience.

No Cost

You Can Schedule A Free Consultation!

If you would like to experience being less dependent on glasses and contact lenses would like to go through northeast Ohio’s premier laser eye surgery experience, then schedule a consultation with us today. Our consultations cost you nothing and they are obligation-free. Consultations are also quick and usually take no more than an hour. So, schedule today!

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