Returning To A New Normal

We appreciate everything that you’ve done to keep yourselves and the community around you safe during this challenging time.  We want you to feel safe when visiting our offices.  Here are some of the changes that we have put in place in order to keep you safe.

  1. Office Cleaning – We’ve had our offices deep cleaned and sanitized. 
  2. Hand Sanitizer – We’ve installed additional Purell dispensers so that you’ll be able to sterilize your hands after each time you have contact with a door handle.
  3. Temperature Checks – We’ll be taking your temperature upon check-in. Any patient, or patient caregiver, with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher will be asked to reschedule.  We’ll also be taking our own team’s temperature.  Each staff member and doctor will have their temperature taken upon entering the building.  Our staff and our patients will be given a blue circular sticker to wear on their left side to indicate that their temperature was taken and that it was less than 100 degrees.  if their temperature is 100 degrees or higher, they’ll be asked to leave. 
  4. Virtual Post ops and Annual exams – You will have the opportunity to have virtual post-ops and virtual annual exams as an alternative to coming in to see the doctor. The exams are conducted using Zoom Video Conferencing technology.  It is user friendly and private. We’ve made this available to our private practice patients, and they have really enjoyed this experience.
  5. 2020 Forgiveness – If you have a Lifetime Enhancement Agreement with Clear Choice, you can miss your appointment during 2020 without penalty.
  6. Curbside Check-in – You’ll be able to check-in via text from our parking lot. We’ll have you wait in your car until our staff is ready to start your exam or surgery preparation.  This will mean a more personalized experience in our clinic.  We have instituted a one patient per exam room protocol to minimize your exposure and maximized social distancing. 
  7. Fewer Surfaces – We’ve removed coffee tables and many chairs from our waiting spaces to minimize the surfaces that hands can touch.
  8. Cleaning Technician – We’ve designated one staff member per office per shift whose main responsibility is to clean and disinfect surfaces.
  9. Masks – We’ll be wearing masks to protect all in our presence from an aerosol spread of that can be transferred by breath, coughing, or sneezing. We’d also will require you to wear a mask, scarf, or bandana while in the office.
  10. Microscopes – We have installed breath barriers on all of our exam room microscopes. This will allow the doctor to be able to still examine the inside of your eye thoroughly while keeping you safe.
  11. Gloves – Technicians, doctors, and staff will wear gloves on an as-needed basis to help keep you and our team safe
  12. Limiting Occupants – We will encourage family and friends who accompany the patient to wait in the parking lot. There will be exceptions made to this where caregivers are needed.
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