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Your insurance says “no” to covering LASIK, but there’s more to the story…

Following a thorough eye exam, once it’s established a patient is a good candidate for LASIK the next logical question is, how can I make LASIK affordable for me? Some insurance policies do offer some benefits that can help people wanting LASIK. However, it isn’t considered a medical necessity, so the entire cost is not covered. Health insurance has very clear boundaries and insurance providers stand behind the philosophy that glasses and contacts offer adequate vision correction. The reality is, patients struggling with that type of corrective eyewear often want to explore more convenient options like LASIK.

ClearChoice Custom LASIK honors most insurance discounts such as VSP, EYEmed, and TrueVision. If your health insurance offers LASIK benefits we might see it written something like, patient gets 15% off of the LASIK center’s regular price or 5% off of the promotional price. The patient is eligible for the lower of the two prices. The good news is, ClearChoice has a variety of discounts for which you probably qualify. We offer discounts if you pay using cash, check or credit card. We have special pricing for physicians, law enforcement, firefighters, and EMTs. We want our patients to be happy and we recognize that affordability looks different to each patient. After your exam, our Vision Counselor will sit down with you to help you find the best way to pay for LASIK. Because we offer a variety of discounts, some patients pay as little as $1499 per eye.

Stay informed about procedures and what’s happening at your LASIK center or Eye Clinic. Our regular price for LASIK is $4999 for both eyes but right now our promotional price for LASIK is $4499 for both eyes, and that is before any insurance discounts that we honor. All of our LASIK packages currently include our Vision Care Plan. Our Vision Care Plan includes lifetime re-treatments, and 4 annual eye exams over 4 years.

ClearChoice offers financing too. This is a popular option. The cost of the procedure is paid off over a period of time, with payments as low as $75 per month, depending on which procedure works best for your visual needs. Financing helps you avoid paying one lump sum. Patients who elect financing often want their surgery now which makes financing a very convenient option. Another common way we see the costs associated with LASIK offset is by using your HSA (Health savings account). It’s a tax-exempt account for people who have a high deductible health plan, meaning you fund it with pre-tax dollars. If you don’t have one ask your employer if it’s an option, and you can set it up at most banking institutions. The monies saved can be used for out of pocket medical expenses. The money can also be used for elective surgeries like LASIK.

Think LASIK might be right for you? Want to see if you qualify for a discount? Schedule an appointment today.

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