What can I do to lower the cost of LASIK?

Tax-Free Savings Accounts

Piggy Bank cartoonIf the price of LASIK surgery has prevented you from making an appointment with Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center, you should investigate an overlooked funding option.

Many employees, as well as the self-employed, have Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) to which deposits are made throughout the year. These accounts enable you to pay for current health expenses and save for future qualified medical expenses. The accounts are tax-free.

The IRS sets the annual maximum contribution of tax-free dollars to HSAs and FSAs. For 2018, an individual can contribute up to $3,450 in tax-free dollars to the HSA. For the FSA, the individual-plan maximum is $2,650. If you have set your contributions to the maximum, you could be on your way to enjoying the beauty of autumn with 20/20 vision.

Company Plan Differences

Depending on your plan’s terms, you may have to forfeit funds left in the FSA at the end of the calendar year. (Beginning with 2018, the IRS allows up to $500 of your 2018 contributions to carry over into the next year, but your employer has to adopt this provision for your plan.) Regardless of the carry-over provisions of your plan, you don’t want miss out on the benefits of LASIK surgery when HSA/FSA funds sit idly in an account. If you’ve enjoyed good health and low medical costs this year, chances are that your FSA has a balance; money that could be used to cover the cost of LASIK surgery.

Further, HSAs/FSAs typically issue a debit card to that can be used to pay allowed health care costs, including vision care. Paying for your LASIK with the debit card makes it simple and convenient; there’s no need to complete claim forms to access the money you’ve earned and that could cover the cost of LASIK.

Start by talking to your employer’s human resources manager to determine what kind of health savings account you have, the balance in it and projected end-of-year balance. Then make an appointment with ClearChoice LASIK for a consultation.

LASIK Monthly Costs

Dollar Sign IconYou may be surprised to learn that the benefits of 100 percent bladeless LASIK surgery can be yours for as little as $100 per month. The cost of LASIK surgery may never be lower, and with funds from your HSA or FSA account to cover part or all of the LASIK cost, LASIK may be the best gift you give this holiday season—the gift of 20/20 vision, to yourself!

In the event your HSA or FSA balance is insufficient to cover the entire cost of LASIK surgery, you can still use those funds as down payment for the surgery in 2018 and finance the balance for up to 24 months, interest-free!

Talk to your human resources manager, get the details on your HSA/FSA account balances, and then have a consultation with Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center professionals about both the surgery and payment options.

The ClearChoice Difference

Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center is Cleveland’s premier LASIK provider. We are committed to providing you with the best experience AND work with your budget to give you 20/20 vision for enjoying northeast Ohio’s beautiful autumn and the holidays with your family.

Call and make that consultation appointment today: 440.740.0400.

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