LASIK Cost: More or Less Than a Lifetime of Glasses?

If you’ve purchased prescription glasses in the last two years, you know it can be expensive. Fashionable frames, and good quality lenses with an anti-reflective coating, tint, or bifocal can put the price point anywhere from $200 to $800. The average spectacle dependent American gets new prescription glasses every other year, so the cost of glasses can add up to $2,000-$8,000 over 20 years.

Contact lens costs are similar, except that they can cost even more than glasses over time. People who are dependent on contact lenses spend $250 per year on average. The expenditure can be greater if the contact lenses correct for astigmatism, or include a bifocal correction. Most people who wear contact lenses will spend about $5,000 over 20 years. Additionally, there are health risks associated with long hours of contact lens usage as well as contact lens maintenance.

Evaluating the one-time cost of LASIK surgery

LASIK surgery is an elective procedure that is considered non-essential by insurance companies. Most people who elect to have LASIK will only need it once. At Clear Choice, our LASIK packages range between $1599 per eye to $2249 per eye. When you compare this one time fee to a lifetime of buying glasses and contact lenses, you’ll realize it doesn’t take long to recoup the cost of the LASIK procedure. And cost is just one benefit of the procedure. Being able to see the alarm clock with glasses and contact lenses is certainly more convenient.

Clear Choice offers a variety of payment plans to make LASIK affordable to almost everyone. Read more about our Fall and Winter Specials!

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