Can I Afford LASIK?

Poor vision is unfortunate, and if you’re reading this you’re likely wearing contacts or pushing up your glasses. You’ve probably thought about laser eye surgery on occasion too, and wondered, what will it cost me? Because LASIK is an elective surgery, it is not covered by most health insurance policies. It begs the questions, is LASIK worth it, and can I afford it?

The conveniences and life changes speak for themselves. Think of the times you ran out of contacts, lost a contact, forgot your saline solution while on a trip or wanted to go swimming but you were wearing glasses. Think of not being able to see clearly while you shower. How about forgetting to take your contacts out when you fall asleep at night? Or breaking your glasses? Or losing your favorite pair of glasses? Sure, people get used to the routines and the inconveniences, but for a moment consider a life without that hassle and those interferences. Better vision without the fuss, and without the daily needs.

The very best way to get an idea of what LASIK will cost you, is to schedule a LASIK consultation. Most LASIK patients go to more than one doctor before making a decision on where to have the procedure done. Most LASIK centers offer financing.

Most patients find that they actually save money over time by having LASIK because they are no longer buying glasses, contact lenses, solution, travel items, and prescription sunglasses, etc. While insurance doesn’t often cover LASIK, many insurance firms will offer a small discount if you go to their center of choice.

An HSA can offset the costs associated with elective procedures like LASIK. It’s a tax-exempt account for people who have a high deductible health plan, meaning you fund it with pre-tax dollars. If you don’t have one ask your employer if it’s an option, and you can set it up at most banking institutions. An HSA is designed to reimburse patients for expenses that are not covered by insurance in an effort to maximize patients’ tax savings. The monies saved can be used for out of pocket medical expenses. The money can also be used for elective surgeries like LASIK on your eyes.

Flexible Spending Accounts are also a convenience when it comes to LASIK. An FSA gives a patient the opportunity to use pre-tax dollars to on medical expenses that are not covered by insurance.

If you have visual needs and require correction, LASIK can be a beneficial and convenient option. You never hear someone say it was a hassle to travel with LASIK or I forgot to grab my LASIK. The same can’t be said for contacts, cases and glasses. If you’ve been living with bad vision you don’t have to stick with the same routine you’ve done for years. There’s no better or affordable time to consider LASIK.

If this article has you thinking- Call ClearChoice for a free LASIK consultation. 440-740-0400

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